Online Shop Regulations AFTER-PARTS Sp. zoo. sets rules for the procurement and sale of goods via the Internet Store AFTER-PARTS Sp. zoo..

The submission by the Customer to a specific commodity constitutes acceptance of these Rules.

Online Shop AFTER-PARTS Sp. zoo. It is the exclusive property of:
AFTER-PARTS Sp. zoo. with seat 25-671 Kielce, ul. Peasant Battalions 77

The shop is available at Internet addresses:

Customer ordering the merchandise is bidding conclusion of the purchase contract. Enter into a contract of sale is concluded with the receipt from the store after-parts messages, ie, an e-mail with information about the adoption of an order.

Goods can be ordered from After-Parts as follows:

  1. With the help of the "find product"
  2. Sending an e-mail to order address:,; sprzedaż
  3. By telephoning the numbers: 041 345 45 70, 041 345 45 80, 041 345 45 90

The prices of all goods in the shop are presented net prices also indicating gross prices in Polish zlotys. For regular customers discounts are determined based on purchases during the month.

The basic condition of the contract is correct filling and sending the order form by the client shared during the procedure of procurement of goods.

The order will be realized under the condition that the product is in stock or in suppliers store. In the event of unavailability of the goods covered by the contract AFTER-PARTS, contact the Customer, with whom a decision is made on how to perform the contract, ie. (Partial completion, waiting time, cancel the whole order to determine the possible substitute for shipment, etc.).

The delivery time depends on the availability of goods and time of sending the order. Each product is given the status of MAG1 and mag2. Goods available in MAG1 ordered for hours. 11:00 shipped the same day. Goods available in MAG1, ordered after hours. 10:45 and products available in mag2 ordered for hours. 17:30 are shipped the next business day.

Goods available in any of the magazine can be ordered individually for each of such goods on time execution information will be sent by e-mail, or agreed by telephone.

The term of delivery lead time + the expected delivery time. Shipment on Polish territory provides courier UPS Seven or Mail Poland.

Delivery time - 1-2 working days

Ordered parts can be picked up personally at the company's headquarters at ul. Peasant Battalions 77, 25-671 Kielce. Product available in MAG1 can be picked up the same day from h. 8 pm. 18. Goods available in mag2 and ordered to godz.17 45 can receive the next working day. Goods ordered for hours. 11.00 with mag2 you can pick up the same day after the 15th.

The customer has the right to choose the method of delivery and payment method, according to the indications made in the order form.

Shipping costs are borne by the purchaser of the goods. The cost covers shipping AFTER-PARTS Sp. zoo. with the value of orders of more than 350 zł.

Ordered goods are delivered to the address indicated on the order form.

The customer has the right to return the goods by sending the goods to the address of the company within 14 days of receipt of goods. Goods can not be used, and the package can not be destroyed. Goods should be returned with a receipt / invoice.

Customer returns merchandise at their own expense.

In the case of product defects, the customer has the right to claim the goods. Goods touted customer returns to the store at his own expense.

In case of damage to the package or destruction must write a report together with the courier delivering the consignment and inform the shop about the fact transcribe the minutes. In the case of sensitive products it is necessary to check the contents of the parcel by courier. The courier is obliged to wait or leave to each contact phone number in case of damage to make a report damage. After that it is necessary as soon as possible to inform the owner of the store with a damaged shipment by phone (041 345 45 80) or email (

AFTER-PARTS reserves the right to change the rules for the sale set forth herein.

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